Tuesday, August 6, 2019

First Listen: New Releases for 2 August

Still a slow summer, but some real gems here...

Artist: Tyler Childers
Album: Country Squire
Quick Description: Great modernist classic country.
Why You Should Listen: He's in a segment all his own.
Overall Thoughts: It’s really stunning how truly pure and unfiltered the brand of country Tyler Childers puts together is. I almost want to call him the male Margo Price in some ways, because it nearly perfectly straddles the line between authentic and precious, but it equally does it a disservice – by doing something that no one else is really doing, Childers sets himself apart by doing what so many before have done. I can’t imagine enjoying traditional country music and not finding something to love about this record.
Recommendation: Do not miss out on this.

Artist: Ty Segall
Album: First Taste
Quick Description: Latest release from the garage-ish indie singer.
Why You Should Listen: Ty Segall does a lot of work and it shows.
Overall Thoughts: Ty Segall is extremely prolific, and does a lot of stuff a lot of people love. For me, he is hit or miss, but I will say that this effort really worked for me. A good merge of pop and garage rock styles, the result here is a fuzzy and ambitious listen that, especially in a slow week, is worth the time.
Recommendation: Give it a shot.

Artist: GRLwood
Album: I Sold My Soul to the Devil When I Was 12
Quick Description: Gritty punk at its finest.
Why You Should Listen: If you like punk, this is why.
Overall Thoughts: Every so often a good old fashioned gritty punk record comes across our radar, and this was one that definitely got my attention. It’s the right mix of brash and fun, and while it clearly doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is an album that wants you to take notice. It's a step ahead of Daddy from last year, and sort of how you ultimately want punk to be in 2019.
Recommendation: Definitely give this a whirl.

Artist: The Harmaleighs
Album: She Won't Make Sense
Quick Description: Awesome indie pop.
Why You Should Listen: You want some bright stuff to go along with the summer heat.
Overall Thoughts: This album was a revelation for me in many ways. It made me feel the way Eisley’s early Eps did back in the day, it sometimes feels like a modern rock record and other times an early Belle & Sebastian or even a Camera Obscura effort… everything about this feels right. It’s easily my favorite recent listen and I feel like it might have some pretty broad appeal.
Recommendation: Plenty of room on this bandwagon…

Artist: Bikini Sleepover
Album: Bikini Sleepover's First Sleepover
Quick Description: Super fun indie pop punk.
Why You Should Listen: This is the most fun record I've heard lately.
Overall Thoughts: This is sort of an odd mix between Illuminati Hotties and The Exbats in its approach, and it's just too much fun to ignore. This is a great album that doesn't take itself too seriously, but is still a really solid listen from start to finish. Worth checking out.
Recommendation: A solid listen this week.

Of note:

* Sarah Haras - Metal East (Really solid and engaging ambient stuff.)
* Cross Record - Cross Record
* Karma Fields - BODY RUSH(A fairly solid modern electronica record.)
* The Bird and the Bee - Interpreting the Masters, Volume 2: A Tribute to Van Halen
* Avrex - Growth
* Davina and the Vagabonds - Sugar Drops
* Cherie Curie and Brie Darling - The Motivator
* So Sensitive - Bedroom Drama
* The Vaughns - F.O.M.O.

7 Song Album:

* Poppy - I C U (Music to Read To)


* Allison Sudol - Moonlight
* Little Boots - Jump

Also out:

* SHADI - You Can't Hear Me
* The Ritualists - Painted People
* Clairo - Immunity

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