Friday, August 2, 2019

Dori Freeman - "That's How I Feel"

Photo by Kristina Leblanc
I tend to prefer music that leans away from the mainstream. Even if it's from a genre like Americana/roots/folk, I prefer some experimentation. This new song from Dori Freeman is completely in the mainstream of the singer/songwriter genre, but she just nails it so perfectly that even elitists like myself won't be able to resist it.

"That's How I Feel" is simply a great song. Freeman's voice is exquisite, to the point that she could be singing lawn care commercial jingles and you'd be mesmerized. Luckily for us all, she's also just happens to be a great songwriter. "That's How I Feel" is Americana/roots/folk done so perfectly that you'll find it virtually impossible not to be smitten with it.

You can listen to "That's How I Feel" below. Every Single Star, the upcoming album from Dori Freeman, will be out September 27 on Blue Hen Music. For more on Dori Freeman, check out her website.

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