Monday, August 19, 2019

Lightning Bolt - "Air Conditioning"

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I just discovered that Lightning Bolt have been around for twenty five years, which seems impossible to me. But then I remember that my introduction to them (seeing them play with Sonic Youth at Lupo's in Providence) was almost seventeen years ago, and now I feel ancient. Twenty Five years put Lightning Bolt into the classic rock category, and their new single, "Air Conditioning," kind of reflects that. In the past, vocals were always in the background of the clusterfuck created by guitar and drums. With this new song, vocals are more up front, and there is almost some semblance of song structure? But long time fans of the band have nothing to worry about. This may be the closest Lightning Bolt have come to Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath, but it's still Lightning Bolt. By their standards it's a straightforward rock song, but their standards are quite different from most bands. "Air Conditioning" is still an out of control burst of pure noise fury.

You can listen to "Air Conditioning" below. Sonic Citadel, the upcoming album from Lightning Bolt, will be out October 11 on Thrill Jockey. You can pre-order your copy here. For more on Lightning Bolt, check out their website.

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