Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Lex Leosis - "I Don't Play That"

Photo by Matt Ogilvie
Toronto's Lex Leosis has a new single out which bridges throwback hip hop with a modern sound. "I Don't Play That" can't truly be considered a 90's hip hop throwback. It's too smooth to be early 90's, and it isn't composed out of a single sample, so it's not late 90's hip hop. But there is something about it that feels like the glory days of 90's hip hop, right before it went completely mainstream. 

Leosis explains the song: "To anybody that has witnessed or faced the hands of abuse, we are strong, we are survivors, we don’t play that. I was a witness to abuse at the hands of a man and it brought up for me all the ways that women are so accustomed to taking other peoples’ shit. With “I Don’t Play That,” I wanted to create a song that could make any woman or anyone affected by abuse feel strong and that they’re not alone. I wrote the song right after the experience happened, but didn’t record it until weeks later.Putting myself back into the mindset I wrote it in was difficult because I had to relive it all, but it was necessary. I’m done sitting by idly letting this happen to people, so I wrote an anthem of power."

You can listen to "I Don't Play That" below. For more on Lex Leosis, check her out on Twitter and Facebook.

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