Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Rentals - "Spaceships"

No one would ever accuse The Rentals of being a prolific band. Matt Sharp's project released Return of The Rentals way back in 1995, and has only released three (or four, depending on if you count Resilience). Lost in Alphaville came out in 2014, so to have a new album coming out next year seems fairly quick. "Spaceships" is the first single, and it's both completely different and exactly what we'd expect. Obviously it's very heavy on synths, as that's The Rentals thing. Maybe I'm being influenced by the song title, but "Spaceships" has a very Bowie feel. It has that futuristic sound, but what people thought the future would sound like in the 60's. That's not to say that it's a retro/throwback song. It does sound very current, and seems like Sharp has decided to dabble in the world of modern pop more than he ever has.

You can watch the lyric video for "Spaceships" below. Q36, the new album from The Rentals, will be out June 2. It can be pre-ordered here. They're promising to release a new song every two weeks until the album comes out, so get ready for lots of new Rentals music here! Also, for someone overly obsessed with band t-shirts, they're also releasing a new t-shirt every two weeks, and only for two weeks. For more information on The Rentals (and they're t-shirts), check out their website.

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