Tuesday, January 25, 2022

First Listen: New Releases for 24 January

Artist: Logan Lynn
Album: New Money
Quick Thoughts: This has no business being as good as it is. It's electro-pop with a sort of anti-folk bent, but I loved it over and over and then got to the Liz Phair cover, which is perfect. Logan Lynn won't be for everybody, but if you're looking for a Marc Rebillet-ish danceable record this week, check this out.
Songs of Note: "It's Been Forever," "Fuck and Run"

Artist: Che Noir
Album: Food For Thought
Quick Thoughts: This is a really great rap album this week. Che Noir offers up a record with some excellent low-key backing beats and one great song after another. She's more Sa-Roc than Nicki, and that's to her benefit as well. The whole thing is great, and is definitely my favorite rap album this week.
Songs of Note:

Artist: Artsick
Album: Fingers Crossed
Quick Thoughts: Sometimes Ken sends me things I've never heard of, and they're so good that I shoot him the "holy crap that's good" text. Artsick got the "holy crap." It's such a great slice of poppy indie rock that I couldn't help but fall in love with it almost right away. The songs are catchy as hell, and I am looking forward to coming back to it more than anything else this week.
Songs of Note: "Look Again," "Ghost of Myself," "Dealing With Tantrums," "Ship Has Sailed," "Vacant"

Artist: Yard Act
Album: The Overload
Quick Thoughts: Right after I listened to Artsick I jumped over to Yard Act, and texted Ken again about how great this was. This is sort of like if Idles and Cheekface had a baby, and while Yard Act isn't really reinventing the wheel when it comes to the sort of stream-of-consciousness post-rock stuff, my goodness is it great. Really loved this one as well.
Songs of Note: "The Overload," "Dead Horse," "The Incident," "Witness (Can I Get A?)," "Pour Another"

Artist: AURORA
Album: The Gods We Can Touch
Quick Thoughts: AURORA's been carving a little niche for herself in the sort of airy Nordic pop that I've really come to love, and her first two albums were outstanding as is. This third album, however, feels like a major step forward for her. A few of these songs in particular are just amazing, and will easily end up on my end-of-year mix even though it's only January. A good artist putting out a great new album is always excellent news, so make some time for this.
Songs of Note: "Everything Matters," "Cure for Me," "A Temporary High"

Artist: Reptaliens
Album: Multiverse
Quick Thoughts: Another indie act, this one also has a lot of great power poppy songs throughout. I kept thinking how much I liked each song until I realized how much I just loved the whole package - in an era where power pop has kind of run its course, this was a really solid surprise for me.
Songs of Note: "Don't Wait for Me," "Take It," "I Can't Hide"

Artist: Aoife O'Donovan
Album: Age of Apathy
Quick Thoughts: Aoife O'Donovan is a favorite around these parts, and for good reason. Her forward-thinking bluegrass and local presence makes for some truly excellent music, and from Crooked Still to this new record, it's miles beyond a lot of her contemporaries. This has a darker, starker feel to it, but it's still incredibly high quality and a welcome return for the critically acclaimed musician. Don't skip out on this.
Songs of Note: "B61," "Age of Apathy"

Of note:

* Anna Ash - Sleeper (A number of good moments here.)
* Lost Dog Street Band - Glory (A number of good moments here, too.)
* Boris - W (Very heavy, but I liked it.)
* Goodnight, Texas - How Long Will It Take Them To Die?
* 2nd Generation Wu - The Legend of Shaolin
* Annika Norlin - Mentor
* Jake Xerxes Fussell - Good and Green Again
* Kim Gordon and Loren Connors - At Issue
* Biosphere - Shortwave Memories
* Pedro the Lion - Havasu
* Kids on a Crime Spree - Fall in Love Not in Line
* AUA - The Damaged Organ


* The Second Hand Orchestra - Reimagining the Wide, Wide River
* Etta Marcus - View from the Bridge
* Jeremiah Moon - Sputnik
* Plumes - Here's to Then
* Riarosa - Pinkish
* Operator Music Band - Deep Break

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* These Wild Plains - Thrilled to Beer Here (Live)
* Valerie June - The Moon and Stars: Prescriptions for Dreamers (Deluxe Edition)
* Com Truise - Galactic Melt (10th Anniversary Edition)
* King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Butterfly 3001

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