Friday, January 21, 2022

Wet Leg Covers Madonna

Photo via Facebook

Wet Leg have released a grand total of four songs so far, and I've listened to those four songs at least once a day for more days than I care to admit to. However, for them to truly work their way into my heart they'd need to release a cover song. Apparently they read the blog and know that, because here they are covering Madonna's "Material Girl!" Wet Leg's take on "Material Girl" is a sonic clusterfuck in the best possible way. It's like if The Melvins decided to record shoegaze. It's almost unbearably sludgy, although Rhian Teasdale's vocals keep the original's upbeat pop sound. The closest Madonna cover comparison I can make is Sonic Youth's version of "Into the Groove," aka "Into the Groove(y)."

You can listen to Wet Leg's take on "Material Girl" below. The song was recorded as part of SiriusXMU Sessions. For more on Wet Leg, check out the band's website.

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