Wednesday, July 31, 2013

First Listen: New Releases for July 30

Another slow week for new releases, although we do have a highly anticipated debut, an interesting solo effort, and a solid folky release to note.

AlunaGeorge - Body Music: In an alternate universe, Icona Pop's "I Love It" never becomes an international megahit and AlunaGeorge's debut album would be the most anticipated electronic/dance album of the year. Body Music is more subtle than Icona Pop's offerings are, better matched up as an R&B-tinged MS MR, but no less solid, and, if it holds up for me, could very well make my end of year lists as I expect it to make others.

T. Hardy Morris - Audition Tapes: T. Hardy Morris is the lead singer of indie rock band Dead Confederate, best known for "The Rat," which I loved. I haven't really been into much else that Dead Confederate has done, but I have to admit that I'm surprised by how solid this solo album is. It sounds a little Noel Gallagher, a little indie rock, a little folk rock, and the second track, "Disaster Proof," is an early favorite for song of the year for me. It's worth a listen, for sure, you might find a lot to like from it.

Alela Diane - About Farewell: I'm kind of new to Alela Diane, and the folky stuff she does is accessible enough where I'd expect her to be a bigger name, but unique enough to not fall into the general folk tropes. About Farewell is her latest, and it's getting a lot of positive press for being quite good. It remains to be seen how well it holds up, but if her past work is any indication...

That's effectively it in terms of the new music this week, unless you're interested in the newest release from the Backstreet Boys. Hopefully things will start picking up as the summer comes to a close.

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