Friday, May 12, 2017

Banditos - "Fine Fine Day"

As much as I love garage rock, at least 99% of it has the same basic sound repeated over and over. Banditos are the rare exception to that rule. Their latest song, "Fine Fine Day," isn't rough or aggressive as most garage rock. It's pretty lighthearted and trippy. But, trippy psychedelic garage rock ends up being really flowery and hippie sounding. "Fine Fine Day" is much too fast to fit in that style. Banditos have this song that's too poppy and trippy to be garage rock, but too fast to be psychedelic. Oh, did I mention it has a southern rock vibe to it,too? The result is a rare fresh take on a few genres that are each multiple decades old.

You can watch the video for "Fine Fine Day" below. You should make sure you watch it, too. It's a very simple idea and concept, but it's one of the more fun music videos I've seen in years. Banditos' new album, Visionland, is due out June 23 on Bloodshot Records. For more on Banditos, check out their website.

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