Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Kalbells - "Craving Art Droplets"

2017 has been an interesting year for Rubblebucket. January saw the release of the If U C My Enemies EP, followed up by Alex Toth releasing a garage rock album under the name Alexander F in February. It's now singer Kalmia Traver's turn to go solo for a bit. She's releasing a solo album under the name Kalbells, and right now we can listen to the first song from it, "Craving Art Droplets."

While Alexander F's album sounded nothing like what I'd expect from a Rubblebucket member's solo album, "Craving Art Droplets" is exactly what I'd expect. It's a chilled out sounding song that is equal parts hippie and electronica. And yes, I used the term "electronica" because it reminds me heavily of late 90s bands like Sneaker Pimps and Morcheeba, but, you know... really artsy. I'd hope you'd expect artsy with a name like "Craving Art Droplets," plus the fact that Rubblebucket have always brought a level of artiness to their fun, heavily danceable indie music. If Rubblebucket were the rave, Kalbells are the chill out room.

You can listen to "Craving Art Droplets" below. Kalbell's debut solo album, Ten Flowers, will be out July 14 on NNA Tapes. For more on Kalbell, check out her Facebook and Twitter. I'm sure Rubblebucket's website will have some info, too.