Thursday, May 18, 2017

Gold Dime - "Shut Up"

When I use the terms art rock and noise rock, I'm going to be talking about insanely loud, aggressive, and pretty much unlistenable music. It might be electronic blips, or it could be feedback and insane drums, but either way it's not (traditionally) pleasant music. No one told Gold Dime that.

Gold Dime is a project from Andrya Ambro from Talk Normal. Her new song, "Shut Up," is definitely artistic noise rock, but it's almost soothing. Almost. There is still plenty of odd electronic noise, feedback, swirling guitars, and disjointed beats throughout, but it's bordering on pleasant. First of all, there is actual singing in the song, which is rare in this genre. Also, all of the noise elements are used in small doses, sprinkled throughout the song like little treasures to be discovered as the song unveils itself to you. It's as if noise rock is trying to go top 40.

You can listen to "Shut Up" below. Gold Dime's first album, Nerves, will be out June 2 on Fire Talk Records. For more information, check out Gold Dime's Bandcamp and Facebook.

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