Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Benjamin Booker - "Believe"

Photo by Ken Sears
Back in the 80s and 90s, an album would be announced, and you'd have one single released before the album. With the current music industry model, you get 2-4 singles released before the album is, since there is really no such thing as radio or video airplay anymore. The only challenge with this model is you can really burn yourself out on an album before it's even out yet.

I doubt that will happen with the upcoming album from Benjamin Booker. "Believe," the third single released for Witness, Booker goes full on soul. The proto-punk blues meets Nirvana sound of his 2014 self titled debut is gone on this track. This is pure neo-soul, and what's most shocking perfectly is how Booker's ragged voice fits both heavier rock songs and soul. The accompanying video was shot in Providence's Columbus Theater with an orchestra and gospel choir.

Benjamin Booker's new album, Witness, will be out June 2 on ATO Records. You can watch the video for "Believe" below. For more on Benjamin Booker, check out his website.

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