Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sheer Mag - "Just Can't Get Enough"

Photo by Marie Lin
While they did release a compilation of EPs earlier this year, as of right now Sheer Mag have yet to release a proper full length. That is all about to change, as they just announced the July 14 release of Need to Feel Your Love

Sheer Mag have a unique sound. While the Philadelphia based band is widely considered to be punk, they have a lot more in common with 70s Motown like The Jackson 5 than they do The Clash or Minor Threat. That's truly evident with the first single off of Need to Feel Your Love, "Just Can't Get Enough." It's a fun, wildly danceable song, and I just can'r even imagine anyone moshing at all to this, and let's not forget that I was going to shows in the 90s when people were moshing to Letters to Cleo and G. Love & Special Sauce. I think the most punk aspect of "Just Can't Get Enough" is attitude. Somehow they turn what feels like a truly earnest love song about being in love into this in your face soul song.

You can listen to "Just Can't Get Enough" below. Need to Feel Your Love is due out on July 14 on Wilsuns Recording Company in the US and Static Shock Records in Europe. For more on Sheer Mag, check them out on their website and Bandcamp.

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