Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Sticks - "Come Back"

The Sticks from Brighton (UK, not the Boston neighborhood) refer to themselves as a "not very rock band." The band recently unearthed a lost album that was never released. They've released one song from it before it is released. "Come Back" is stripped back as can possibly be, with barely any instrumentation. There's barely a beat that can be heard, with guitar and bass that almost take turns. It's a fully fleshed out song, but it's the bare minimum that could be called post punk, which is already a genre based on minimalism. But this is so sparse and minimal that it's almost a post punk mixed with folk hybrid. It's an absurdly refreshing and unique sound, which is beyond welcome.

You can listen to "Come Back" below. The Sticks' new/forgotten album, Why Bother, will be out on June 2 on Faux Discx. You can order a copy now via Bandcamp. For more on The Sticks, check them out on Facebook.

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