Thursday, May 25, 2017

Pega Monstro - "Cachupa"

We're just over a week away from the release of Pega Monstro's new album, and we have a new song with a tweaked sound to check out. Our favorite garage rock sister duo from Portugal have released a new song, "Cachupa," and while it still has some of Pega Monstro's garage rock sound, it's a bit more tame and has more than a little bit of a dream pop sound to it. It still has classic garage rock guitars in it, but there's more of a dreamy, psychedelic element to it, almost as if it's being played through a haze. The dreamy, psychedelic sound is slowly drawn out more and more as the song continues. Plus, it clocks in at almost six and a half minutes, so it's practically the length of three normal garage rock songs. It's a welcome change to their sound while still sounding like a Pega Monstro song.

You can listen to "Cachupa" below. Pega Monstro's new album, Casa de Cima, will be out June 2 on Upset the Rhythm. You can order your copy of the album here. For more on Pega Monstro, check them out on Facebook.

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