Tuesday, April 6, 2021

The Mistons - "World of Convenience"

Portland, OR's The Mistons make loud music. Their latest single, "World of Convenience," is going to sound familiar to us old fogeys. It's definitively post-punk, but it's the kind of heavy rock based post-punk. It's more Mission of Burma and Rites of Spring than Gang of Four. In a press release, they refer to their sound as "old timey," so now you feel roughly one hundred years old. It's truly this amped up and intense version of music that has been an underground favorite for decades, but now filtered through a filter by the younguns. The most shocking this about The Mistons are they are a duo making this much noise. 

You can listen to "World of Convenience" below. World of Convenience, the album, is due out May 21. You can pre-order a copy over at Bandcamp. For more on The Mistons, check them out on Facebook.

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