Monday, April 5, 2021

David Wax Museum - "Juniper Jones"

Photo by Anthony Mulcahy

David Wax Museum have been a long time favorite here at If It's Too Loud..., and we thought we knew what to expect with their upcoming album. The band have been slowly creeping away from the more traditional folk sound they started with into an almost electronic and indie rock sound. All that is thrown away with "Juniper Jones." This new song is David Wax Museum's return to a more traditional folk sound, albeit a modern take on the genre. It's an upbeat, midtempo song with a ton of horns and accordion. Of course, some of that new sound does bleed through at times, but it's a great return to form from an old favorite!

In a Facebook post, the and says that the new song "... was inspired by our early days as an upstart band in Boston when we’d play a show with an artist who seemed destined for greatness."

You can listen to "Juniper Jones" below. For more on David Wax Museum, head over to their website. For more on their upcoming album, check them out on Patreon.

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