Monday, April 26, 2021

Sir Orfeo - "So Long"

Every so often there will be an artist that I'm not completely sold on, but I feel that I need to bring to you all because they just feel great. The kind of artist I feel is going to grow on me and become a favorite even though my brain is still trying to process them fully. That's the case with Sir Orfeo. That's the project from Turners Falls, MA based musician Max Wareham. "So Long" is this lush indie-folk/dream pop song that you feel more than you hear, if that makes any sense at all. If anything, the song feels like western Massachusetts, and that will only make sense if you've spent a decent amount of time there. The song is injected with the beauty of the area, but also a sense of sadness. Plus, it's truly hard to pin down into a single genre, which is very western MA. It's an ever evolving piece of art that is really a must listen. Even if it doesn't grab you immediately, I will implore you to give the entire song a chance. There's a strong possibility that you will end up loving it before its six and a half minutes are up.

You can watch the video for "So Long" below. Millefleur is due out June 25. For more on Sir Orfeo, check out the artist's website.

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