Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Cusp - "Illusion Controlling"

Rochester, NY's Cusp are going to be the perfect band for fans of modern indie rock that is strongly influenced by classic, old school indie rock. The band's latest single, "Illusion Controlling," masters the famed loud/quiet/loud template. The quiet parts may not be too quiet, but it is filled with a wonderfully melodic noise. There is still a strong sense of foreboding in this part, which is released during the loud, crashing cymbal filled loud parts. This is just straight up purely wonderful indie rock that you aren't gong to want to miss.

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter Jen Bender says of the upcoming EP:

“Some of these songs are about specific events/people from my early 20s that have stuck with me. Most of these capture the time of my life right after college, when I was still processing the previous four years and also mentally preparing for the vastness of adulthood."

You can listen to "Illusion Controlling" below. Spill is due out May 7 on Dadstache Records. You can pre-order a copy here. For more on Cusp, check them out on Facebook.

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