Thursday, February 22, 2018

Speedy Ortiz - "Lucky 88"

Speedy Ortiz are one of our earliest discoveries since starting If It's Too Loud... almost five years ago, and they have been a favorite of ours ever since. Luckily for us (and everyone, really) they have a new album due out in April, and with the announcement of a new album comes a new song!

"Lucky 88" is quite different from what we've come to expect from Speedy Ortiz. The 90's infused indie rock sound is virtually gone, and it has a more pop/dance sound, which is closer to singer Sadie Dupuis's solo work as sad13. Now this isn't quite as far as Gwen Stefani reuniting No Doubt just to make them play her solo work, but it's definitely leaning more strongly towards pop than we've become used to for Speedy Ortiz. It's an interesting change in sound that has been hinted at for a bit. It definitely has us intrigued for the new album.

You can watch the video for "Lucky 88" below. The new album from Speedy Ortiz, Twerp Verse, will be out April 27. You can pre-order various bundles here. For more on Speedy Ortiz, check out their website.

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