Friday, February 2, 2018

Luke Reed - "I'm Dreaming"

Luke Reed records the kind of bedroom pop I miss from the 90's. While his other bands, Bent Shapes and Mini Dresses, release more energetic rock, his solo material is decidedly more chill. It could be that he does record at night in his Somerville, MA bedroom, but the results are a style of dreamy pop music with summery vibes, which we could use in New England right now. His latest single, "I'm Dreaming," fits this perfectly. It sounds like the kind of music that would be playing in your head while you're in that dream filled haze between being awake and asleep. 

You can listen to "I'm Dreaming" below. The single is available for free via The Native Sound. You can get your copy over at Bandcamp. For more of Luke Reed's music, check him out on Soundcloud.

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