Friday, February 23, 2018

Belly - "Shiny One"

Knowing full well that Belly are reunited and have a new album coming out this year, you'd think that we'd be know and expect a new song from them any day now. But this morning, when word of the first song from Belly's first album in 23 years broke... well, we had to drop everything and listen repeatedly. "Shiny One" is and isn't what we'd expect from Belly. It's a glorious alternative pop song that sounds like Belly, but the sound is tweaked just slightly. Tanya Donelly's voice is front and center and mesmerizing as always, but the guitars have a slightly grungier feel, and the song is a bit more groovy than I would have expected. But it still sounds like Belly, and what else could we possibly want at this point in our lives?

You can listen to "Shiny One" below. Belly's new album (typing that will never get old), Dove, will be out May 4. You can pre-order it now in various bundles via PledgeMusic. For more on Belly, check out their website.

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