Monday, February 26, 2018

War On Women featuring Kathleen Hanna - "YDTMHTL"

I gave up on the Warped Tour after 2002 when I felt I had aged out of it. It was at the point that I had only gone to that one for four bands and just sat there bored for the rest of it. Since then it's just gotten poppier and more mainstream, only making the news due to the shitty behavior of one band or another. Last year brought the first punk event out of the Warped Tour in years: A band called War On Women, who refused to let misogyny happen while they were on the tour. (You can read more about their run in with The Dickies over at Noisey.)

The band is set to release their second album in April. The first single off that album is available to listen to now, and, in case you need more of a reason to listen, it features Kathleen Hanna on back up vocals. "YDTMHTL" is as loud and punk as it could possibly be, with some of the greatest gang vocals you've heard in years. But it's also thrashy metal, which is always welcome. So if you feel your life has been missing loud feminist punk/thrash metal, this song is 100% for you. And we all could definitely use more Kathleen Hanna.

You can listen to "YDTMHTL" below. War On Women's new album, Capture the Flag, will be out April 13th on Bridge Nine. You can pre-order your copy here. For more on War On Women, check out their Facebook and Bandcamp.

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