Wednesday, February 28, 2018

no hope/no harm - Swimming in the Charles EP

When I first heard Aaron Perrino's latest project, no hope/no harm, I wasn't as into it as I expected to be. I've always preferred his work when he's a bit louder and more rockin', and the first no hope/no harm songs were a little too mellow for my taste, and almost crooners. With their new EP, no hope/no harm have married both sounds perfectly. 

What's interesting is that these songs have a feel like a crooner decided to take on emo inflected 90's alt rock. The fact that you get an anthem like "I Know That You Don't Care" next to the almost country tinged "Punch a Nazi in the Face" and they both flow together in a completely seamless way is magical. Plus, "Punch a Nazi in the Face" might be the angriest power ballad of all time. While the EP is very ballad heavy, it's by no means a quiet or mellow release. The ballads have the most intensity on Swimming in the Charles EP. 

You can listen to "I Know That You Don't Care" below. Swimming in the Charles EP is available now on no hope/no harm's Bandcamp. For more on the band, check them out on Facebook.

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