Friday, June 1, 2018

Onlyness - "Somebody's Son"

Photo by Adam Muro
The Hudson River Valley has a long history of being a home of fantastic Americana, dating back to the days of Pete Seeger. The latest entry into that history is Onlyness. Their single, "Somebody's Son," is a sparse yet lush laid back song, in the vein of the mellow side of early Wilco. It's quiet and captivating, with just enough melody to keep you enthralled. It's by no means traditional, revivalist folk, but something about it will strike you as classic. This could be the beginning of something truly special.

You can listen to "Somebody's Son" below. The self titled debut album from Onlyness will be out July 6 on Five Kill Records. For more on Onlyness, check them/him out on Facebook.

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