Monday, June 4, 2018

Grace Turner - "Dead or Alive"

"Dead or Alive" is the latest song in the great tradition of upbeat sounding songs about dark subject matter. Grace Turner was going through a dark time, and received a call from a friend. According to Turner: “The lyrics in the chorus are literally transcribed from our conversation. She called and said, ‘I didn’t know if you’d be dead or alive’. The whole song was written in about an hour after the phone call.” 

Musically, "Dead or Alive" is too rock to be folk, and too folk to be rock. It reminds me a lot of a more melodic/pop Courtney Barnett, with more singing and less talk-singing. It's an incredibly powerful, and charming song, and somehow still manages to be fun. 

You can listen to "Dead or Alive" below. For more on Grace Turner, check out her website.

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