Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Psycheek - "Daytime"

Photo by Dev Dhunsi

Here at If It's Too Loud..., we (especially me) don't cover a whole lot of electronic music, but every so often something clicks and we can't resist. Hailing from Oslo, Psycheek's new single has that little something that works for me. It could be because it combines elements of two of the styles of electronic music that I like. "Daytime" has some elements of drum & bass, albeit a much more chilled out style. It also has a feel of being a sonic collage. "Daytime" is definitely neither of these, but has just enough elements of both to be intriguing. 

You can listen to "Daytime" below. The single is currently available via Steep Chase Records. For more on Psycheek, check out the artist's Facebook and Bandcamp.

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