Friday, March 12, 2021

Sara Bug - "Lotta Pride"

Photo by Bendrix Littleton

Nashville's Sara Bug is the self-described "World's finest southern-kitsch artist." Her latest single, "Lotta Pride," doesn't sound like what you would consider Southern. It's not quite country, although it kinda is. Maybe country-adjacent? It's this endearingly odd mix of indie pop, lo-fi indie rock, and country. Plus, it has a killer string arrangement over fuzzed out guitar. "Lotta Pride" doesn't really know what it is, so how should anyone, really? It's a captivating little one minute twenty second song that will truly have you needing more.

Sara Bug talks about the new song:

"Lotta Pride was written in 2016 when I was in the middle of moving back to the south from new york. After living there for a couple years, working in the fashion industry, I was ready to move home for multiple personal reasons. After losing a close family member my priorities shifted. Lotta Pride is an accumulation of thoughts I had during that time of grief and letting go of old hopes and dreams."

You can listen to "Lotta Pride" below. Sara Bug's self-titled album is due out May 14 on Egghunt Records. The album can be pre-ordered via Bandcamp. For more on Sara Bug, check out the artist's Instagram

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