Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Kitty Kat Fan Club - "The Abyss"

Photo via Facebook

When we first saw that the latest single from Kitty Kat Fan Club was called "The Abyss," we started to wonder if the sun shiny pop rockers were going dark on us. As the song started out with a flurry of drums, we thought it might have a harder rock edge. But then the vocals came in, and "The Abyss" is everything we love about Kitty Kat Fan Club. It's an upbeat, bouncy alt-rock/pop song. It's the kind of song that would probably have been in MTV's Buzz Bin back in 1995, but now sounds much poppier. It's a gorgeously fun song that's the perfect thing for the warmer weather we're finally starting to have.

You can listen to "The Abyss" below. The song is available now as a single via Asian Man Records. For more on Kitty Kat Fan Club, check out the band's Facebook and Twitter.

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