Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Greg Loiacono & Jamie Drake - "Bound to Fall"

For those that grew up on oldies and still have a fondness for the music of our parent's generation, the latest from the duo of Greg Loiacono and Jamie Drake is a pure delight. "Bound to Fall" is a duet from the co-founder of The Mother Hips and Los Angeles based indie folk singer/songwriter (Loiacono and Drake respectively). It sounds like a slightly modern update of 1950's heartbreak songs. As soon as it starts, it's a pure 50's crooner delight. It sounds like a remastered song straight from the oldies station you grew up with your parents listening to. As the song moves forward, it ever so slowly starts sounding more and more modern, until at the end when it sounds more like modern folk pop. It's the kind of transition you won't even notice until it's already happened. "Bound to Fall" is as fun as it is gorgeous.

You can listen to "Bound to Fall" below. The song is available now as a single via Blue Rose. For more on Greg Loiacono, check out his website. For more on Jamie Drake, check out hers.

1 comment:

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