Thursday, March 25, 2021

Mary Bell - "Sacrificed"

It's been about two and a half years, but our favorite French feminist punk band named after a notorious child killer (a killer who was a child, not someone that killed children (although her victims were children...)) is back with new music! Mary Bell recently released "Sacrificed." At under two minutes long, it definitely fits in with the rest of the band's previous discography. It's fast and filled with an insane amount of attitude. Sure, it's hard enough to be considered punk, but it's the kind of punk that's more likely to mock you into submission than kick you in the teeth. In other words, my favorite kind.

You can listen to "Sacrificed" below. Bellatrix Boadicea is due out in April via Destructure. You can pre-order a physical copy here. For digital, head over to Bandcamp. For more on Mary Bell, check them out on Facebook.

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