Friday, July 29, 2022

Ali McGuirk - "All Back"

Ali McGuirk is one of the finest soul/blues/folk singers in the Boston area. Her latest single, "All Back," doesn't push the boundaries of the style of music. It's pretty mainstream as far as a soulful blues/folk song goes, but when an artist nails a genre as fully as McGuirk has, it doesn't need to do anything differently. McGuirk's vocals are so effortlessly captivating. "All Back" is a vocal showcase for her without ever needing to be showy. This is just a song that is completely mesmerizing while being a simple soul/blues song.

You can watch the video for "All Back" below. Til It's Gone is due out September 16 on Signature Sounds Recordings. The album can be pre-ordered/pre-saved here. For more on Ali McGuirk, check out the artist's website.


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