Monday, July 25, 2022

Jake Blount - "Once There Was No Sun"

Photo by Tadin Brown

Jake Blount is a master of making the classic sound modern, and their latest single, "Once There Was No Sun," might be the best example of that. The structure of the song is a classic spiritual, but Blount brings the song into 2022 by making it what is almost a modern dance track, but with traditional instruments. It's one of the most unique songs that we've heard in quite some time while still being made up of familiar elements. It's also showing even more of a move away from the pure traditional sound of Blount's excellent 2020 album Spider Tales. It would have been easy (and still would have been fantastic) for Blount to continue making traditional roots music, but "Once There Was No Sun" shows an artist not afraid to try completely new sounds.

You can watch the video for "Once There Was No Sun" below. The New Faith is due out September 23 on Smithsonian Folkways and can be pre-ordered here. For more on Jake Blount, check out the artist's website.

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