Thursday, July 28, 2022

Salem Wolves - Live at ONCE

One of the highlights of 2021 was the quadruple bill of Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys, Julie Rhodes, The Devil's Twins, and Salem Wolves at ONCE Boynton Yards. It was four of my favorite Boston area bands at the very top of their game laying it all on the table after not playing live (or barely playing live) for well over a year. Turns out Salem Wolves recorded their set, and now it's out as Live at ONCE. We don't cover live albums very much here, but occasionally we make an exception, and this is definitely one. This nine song set shows the reconfigured Salem Wolves in their first live performance. It's filled with songs played for the first time and old favorites played with the new band. A long time favorite like "More Weight!" is given new life with the newer sound. It's still garage rock, but with a little more metal and turned into an arena ready anthem... or at least a parking lot ready anthem. Gray Bouchard is at the top of his game, delivering every line with the perfect level of theatricality without ever going over the top. 

You can watch the live video for "Titanium" below. Live at ONCE is available now on Bandcamp via MegaHex Records. 100% of the proceeds for the album will go to National Network of Abortion Funds, an organization devoted to advocating for safe and unrestricted access to reproductive care and abortion services. For more on Salem Wolves, check out the band's website.

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