Monday, August 23, 2021

Buffalo Daughter - "Global Warming Kills Us All"

Photo by Enno Kapitz / digitally altered by Kosuke Kawamur

The latest song from Japanese noise legends Buffalo Daughter isn't subtle in its message. It's impossible not to know what "Global Warming Will Kill Us All" is about just based on the title. Aside from the message, the new single is actually pretty groovy. It's filled with tons of vocoder vocals, and sure, it's noisy. And weird. But the song has this great groove to it that is going to remind you a lot of the 90's, especially music released on Grand Royal. (Of course, Buffalo Daughter released their debut album on Grand Royal back in 1996, so it does make sense.

suGar Yoshinaga of Buffalo Daughter explains the song's creation:

"It was mid summer of 2018 (insanely hot summer when even mosquitoes were not around) when we gathered all those puzzles and pieces together to make them into songs for the album. This song is one of them, and with the impact from the extreme weather, we felt the cry of the Earth and sang it in the vocoder voice."

You can watch the Kid Koala created video for "Global Warming Kills Us All" below. We Are the Times is due out September 17 on Musicmine in Japan and Anniversary everywhere else. For more on Buffalo Daughter, check out the band's website.

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