Monday, August 30, 2021

Walter Alice and Brandie Blaze - "Party In My Heads"

With their band Walter Sickert & The Army of Broken Toys, Walter Sickert blends folk, rock, metal, cabaret, punk, and just about every genre of music you can imagine, but I never expected Sickert to go hip hop. However, that's what you get with their latest musical project. Performing under the name Walter Alice, Sickert has brought in Boston MC Brandie Blaze for "Party In My Heads." (A Facebook post calls this song "A brutally positive, Dystopian, end of summer jam." Gr
anted, sometimes the Army of Broken Toys do dip their toes in the world of hip hop, but "Party In My Heads" is a full on hip hop song. Well, not quite. There is more than a little of the industrial sound of Ministry here, but this is still mostly hip hop. What's truly surprising and great is how great of a rapper Sickert proves to be. You would expect them to be blown away by a more experienced MC, but Sickert holds their own right alongside Blaze's fantastic verse.

You can listen to "Party In My Heads" below. The song is the start of a new project that will see Sickert collaborating with artists they admire. For more on Walter Sickert, check out their Facebook. For more on Brandie Blaze, check out the artist's Facebook.

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