Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Cold Beat - "Mandelbrot Fall"

Photo by Natalja Kent

San Francisco's Cold Beat perform a style of music called coldwave. Not being familiar with the genre, I'm going based solely on their latest single. "Mandelbrot Fall" sounds like an indie/bedroom style of electronic music. It's heavy on synthesizers and electronic boops instead of the thunderous beats you get with most electronic music. That doesn't mean "Mandelbrot Fall" isn't dance music, because it one hundred percent is. It just isn't dance in a field with fifty thousand people music. It's more dance alone in your bedroom music. And that's what makes us love it.

Cold Beat's Hannah Lew says of the new song:

Mandelbrot Fall is about embracing change & surrendering to uncertainty. There's no fighting time or gravity. This song is about submission to those forces. This process of deterioration was cathartic, just like the making of the song.”

You can watch the video for "Mandelbrot Fall" below. War Garden is due out September 17 on Like LTD. You can pre-order/pre-save the album here. For more on Cold Beat, check out the band's Facebook and Twitter.

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