Friday, August 6, 2021

Destroy Boys - "Locker Room Bully"

Photo by Ashley Gellman

Destroy Boys are one of those bands we're decades too old to be this into, but we just can't help it. They play that newfangled punk rock that makes grizzled old dudes angry and standing firm on what is punk, even though pissing off old punks by adding pop into punk is super punk rock.

They're latest single, "Locker Room Bully," is my favorite that we've heard before. There's a little bit of riot grrrl attitude (could be from the vocals being very cheerleader-esque) along with some fuzzed out 90's rock guitar mixed in, but the song still has a ton of that upbeat groove we love with Destroy Boys. But "Locker Room Bully" has an aggression and attitude we haven't seen from the Destroy Boys previously, especially in the musical breakdown at the end. This is a truly great song that has us dying to hear what they're going to be doing next.

Front person Alexia Roditis says of the new song:

“‘Locker Room Bully’ is a product of the anger, desperation, and sadness I’ve felt in the last year. Throughout my life, I’ve been confronted with people who don’t like me or don’t get what I’m doing or people who think they’re right about something they know nothing about. I am frustrated to no end. But ‘Locker Room Bully’  is also my line in the sand, I suppose -  a sign of letting go of people and situations I don’t control and don’t care about me.”

You can watch the video for "Locker Room Bully" below. Open Mouth, Open Heart is due out October 8 on Hopeless Records. You can pre-order/pre-save a copy here. For more on Destroy Boys, check out the band's website.

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