Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Jackson+Sellers - "Waste Your Time"

Photo by Ashley Osborne

At certain points, I feel like the duo of Jackson+Sellers (Jade Jackson and Aubrie Sellers) might be too mainstream. And a song like "Waste Your Time" is really, really poppy. But, I think that might be the fact that Jackson+Sellars both have mainstream vocal chops. They could probably make it pretty far on one of those singing shows on the TV. But "Waste Your Time" is this great meld of country, pop, and grunge. Seriously, it's fantastic vocals and guitars that are filled with distorted fuzz and twang at the very same time. And it even ends with a killer distorted guitar solo at the end that would make J Mascis proud.

Jade Jackson says of the new song:

“Waste Your Time was my heart's way of ringing out the last few drops of a toxic relationship. When I started strumming the chords and scribbling down the lyrics I was in a place of weakness. After I put the pencil down and finished the song I felt strong again. It helped me move on.”

You can listen to "Waste Your Time" below. Breaking Point is due out October 22 on Anti- Records. You can pre-order/pre-save a copy here. For more on Jackson+Sellers check out the duo's website.

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