Tuesday, August 31, 2021

First Listen: New Releases for 27 August

Artist: Suzanne Santo
Album: Yard Sale
Quick Thoughts: I don't recall how I tripped up on Suzanne Santo, but her song "Ghost in My Bed" from a few years back is an all-time favorite. This new album continues to show how great she is at this sort of alt-country, roots-tinged music, with a number of high points. This is a great listen, and one worth listening to even if it were a busy week.
Songs of Note: "Mercy," "Goldrush," "Save for Love," "Afraid of Heights"

Artist: Madi Diaz
Album: History of a Feeling
Quick Thoughts: Madi Diaz is another name I remember, but I don't quite recall my first time listening to her. Still, History of a Feeling gives massive Julien Baker energy, especially on songs like "Do It Now" and "Think of Me," the latter of which is one of the most brutal songs I've heard in a while. This may be one of my favorite listens of the year, never mind the week or summer. You owe it to yourself to give this one some time.
Songs of Note: "Crying in Public," "Think of Me," "Woman in My Heart," "Do It Now"

Artist: Indigo De Souza
Album: Any Shape You Take
Quick Thoughts: This is definitely the week of "acts I discovered at some point for some reason," and Indigo De Souza does an awesome job of bringing some crunch to the singer-songwriter table. The whole album is great, but when songs like "Hold U" or "Darker Than Death" hit, they hit hard, and there's something to be said about an act that isn't trying to stay within any specific convention. Definitiely worth the spin this week.
Songs of Note: "Darker Than Death," "Die/Cry," "Hold U," "Way Out"

Album: Screen Violence
Quick Thoughts: Everyone loves CHVRCHES, and this latest album is a good reminder as to why. Solid melodies, great instrumentation, messages that ring loud and clear. Is it possible to call a band like CHVRCHES underrated? I don't know, but I do know that I really enjoyed this album.
Songs of Note: "He Said She Said," "How Not to Drown," "Final Girl," "Good Girls"

Artist: Water From Your Eyes
Album: Structure
Quick Thoughts: A last-minute grab for this week, this is a very interesting listen that surprised me repeatedly. There's some interesting stuff happening on this record that gives it a complexity of sorts that I didn't anticipate - it's not quite post-rock, it's not quite traditional indie... I liked a lot of this, and it's one I'm looking forward to getting back to.
Songs of Note: "My Love's," "Track Five"

Of note:

* Tré Burt - You, Yeah, You (Lots of Bob Dylan energy here.)
* Brother Ali - Brother Minutester, Vol. 1 (One minute rap songs, a pretty cool concept album.)
* Teenage Bottlerocket - Sick Sesh! (Solid punk record!)
* Kanye West - Donda (Far too long and not very adventurous, but has its moments.)
* Big Red Machine - How Long Do You Think It's Gonna Last
* Toad the Wet Sprocket - Starting Now
* Men I Trust - Untourable Album
* 3OH!3 - NEED
* Steve Gunn - Other You
* The Bug - Fire
* Ramson Badbonez - Lead By Example
* Gretta Ray - Begin to Look Around
* Emma Blackery - Girl in a Box
* Nite Jewel - No Sun
* Breeze - Only Up


* Son Lux - Tomorrow's Reworks Part I
* Elohim - Journey to the Center of Myself, Vol. 2
* Babehoven - Nastavi, Calliope (Remixed)
* Ghostemane - Fear Network II
* KUU, Alex Metric & Riton - How to Change Your Mind

Live albums/Compilations/Reissues:

* Martin Gore - The Third Chimpanzee Remixed
* Steven White - THE FUTURE BITES (Deluxe Edition)
* CAPSULE - FRUITS CLiPPER (2021 Remaster)

Also out:

* Mouse Rat - The Awesome Album (Andy's band from Parks and Recreation)
* Maisie Peters - You Signed Up For This
* Evann McIntosh - Character Development
* Brian Setzer - Gotta Have the Rumble
* Dan Disgrace - Light Entertainment for Strange Times
* Superstate - Superstate

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