Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Melanie Curran - "Say That You Will"

Raised on an island in the Pacific Northwest and currently residing in New York City, Melanie Curran recently released a new single. "Say That You Will" is this multi-genre mash up that sounds unique and strangely familiar. The song is this ultra-stripped down country-ish song. I can't even refer to it as Americana since it doesn't quite fit that. At the beginning it's just Curran's not-quite-country twangy vocals with just a little guitar and a very occasional drum beat. Eventually a fiddle darts in out of nowhere to speed things up and turn it into an indie rock song, but not for long. And this might all fit into the slowest party jam of all time.

You can listen to "Say That You Will" below. San Benedito Beach is due for release on October 23 via American Standard Time Records. You can pre-order a copy over at Bandcamp. For more on Melanie Curran, check out the artist's website.

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