Monday, October 4, 2021

Justin Golden - "It Ain't Much"

Photo via Facebook

We've been huge fans of Justin Golden ever since stumbling across his music a few years back. The Richmond, VA artist just has this unique way of melding folk and blues into a sound all his own. Golden's voice has this impossible to resist warmness that has fit his relatively mainstream sound perfectly. With his latest single, "It Ain't Much," Golden branches out his sound quite a bit. The song is still a folk/blues song, and Golden's voice is still as rich as ever, but the guitar is just a little extra distorted and the drums pound just a little extra hard. Plus, a harmonica is used sparingly like it's a noise rock instrument, going along with Golden's vocals at times and almost opposing them at others. If you've enjoyed Justin Golden's music as much as we have, it's going to be great hearing him expand on his sound for this one!

You can listen to "It Ain't Much" below. For more on Justin Golden, check out the artist's Facebook.

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