Thursday, October 7, 2021

Natalie Jane Hill - "Plants and Flowers that Do Not Grow Here"

Photo by Julian Neel

We've been digging the "cosmic Americana" of Austin, TX's Natalie Jane Hill, and her latest release solidifies that. "Plants and Flowers that Do Not Grow Here" is a beautiful although somewhat uncomfortable listen at times. The song has all the elements of being a pleasant listen. Hill's vocals are stunning, and the music beneath complements her perfectly. It should be a delightful listen, and it is. But... there's an odd intensity lurking underneath the quiet and beauty. There's just something slightly off and hypnotic that keeps you slightly on edge (although you're not going to want it any other way).

Natalie Jane Hill says of the new single:

“Plants and Flowers That Do Not Grow Here” is one of my more personal songs on the album. It’s about trying to navigate through a time of addiction while in a disassociated state. I had spent some time trying to distinguish reality from illusion, and I wanted this song to capture the dreamlike quality I was lost in."

You can watch the video for "Plants and Flowers that Do Not Grow Here" below. Solely is due out October 29 on Dear Life Records. You can pre-order a copy over at Bandcamp. For more on Natalie Jane Hill, check out the artist's Facebook.

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