Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Morgan Harper-Jones - "All I Do"

Photo by Katie Silvester

Morgan Harper-Jones is folk-ish in the way that Bon Iver and Cat Power are folk-ish. Sure, her new single is folk, but only because it technically fits the guidelines of folk. "All I Do" shows Harper-Jones stripped bare. It's a raw and emotional song made even more raw by how minimal the song is. There are instruments here, but the focus is primarily on Harper-Jones' voice. "All I Do" has piano, drums, and a few other instruments, but all you'll truly remember is the emotion in her voice. This is a truly gorgeous song you won't forget any time soon.

Morgan Harper-Jones says of the new single:

“‘All I Do’ really woke me up to how overindulgent I can be in the wake of a break-up, or loss of any kind (a relationship/ moment/ feeling). I wouldn’t allow myself to move on, instead I’d figure out how I could get it back or control the outcome, meanwhile life continued to go on around me and I was missing it.”

You can watch the video for "All I Do" below. The single is available now via Play It Again Sam. For more on Morgan Harper-Jones, check out the artist's Facebook and Twitter.

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