Thursday, December 14, 2023

Ken's Best of 2023 - #4: Be Your Own Pet - Mommy

When I first heard Be Your Own Pet way back in 2005/2006, I felt like I was far too old to be into them. I was pushing 30, and they were teenagers, but I kept reminding myself that if Thurston Moore and Iggy Pop could be fans, so could I. They disbanded shortly after, and every so often I wondered what they were up to. Suddenly, a few reunion shows were announced, and they released a comeback album in September.

With Mommy, Be Your Own Pet and I are now the same age. The songs still have the same punk fury and sense of humor as their original releases, just toned down a bit. Like Jemina Pearl says in "Goodtime!" "I got two kids and a mortgage." Maybe it's because they've been pent up for a decade and a half, but Be Your Own Pet have barely slowed. (Just the appropriate amount.) Mommy is filled with songs about aging, mental health, lefty politics, etc. It's a great punk record for middle aged people that haven't given up and started listening to bro country yet. Plus, it's just as much fun as anything on Get Awkward or their self-titled 2006 album. Welcome back, Be Your Own Pet. Please feel free to stick around for a long while this time around.

Songs of note: "Worship the Whip," "Goodtime!," "Bad Mood Rising," "Hand Grenade" 

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