Thursday, December 21, 2023

Mol Sullivan - "Still Tryin'"

Photo by Brooke Shanesy

Mol Sullivan has been a musician for fifteen years, but is only releasing her debut album next month. The latest single from it, "Still Tryin'," is one of those songs that blurs the lines between folk and indie rock. (Aka, exactly what we love here!) It's a slow song that sort of plods along at its own pace in a kinda upbeat way although you just know the song masks some darkness. It's a compelling song that has us rooting for the Cincinnati musician even more. "Still Tryin'" is a wonderfully written song that is amplified even more by Sullivan's endearing charm.

Mol Sullivan says of the video for "Still Tryin'":

“The idea behind the ‘Still Tryin'’ video was to chronicle a day in my life at the time I wrote the song, during the dawning era of my sobriety from alcohol. It's the first music video I've made thus far that is narrative-based and that doesn't rely on the support of campy themes and characters to deliver the punches. It's a vulnerable display of what it looked like when my life was a very one-day-at-a-time affair and when the power of music and community helped keep my chin above water.”

You can watch the video for "Still Tryin'" below. GOOSE is due out January 26, and is available for pre-order via Bandcamp. For more on Mol Sullivan, check out the artist's website.

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