Monday, December 4, 2023

Sara Noelle - "Winter's Glow" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

Sara Noelle's annual Christmas single has become one of our favorite holiday traditions. Her latest includes the original, "Winter's Glow," and a cover of the iconic Bing Crosby song "I'll Be Home for Christmas." The original is a dreamy and fairly experimental folk-adjacent track. It's stunningly beautiful, but not exactly what you think of when you think of Christmas music, but that can be great to freshen up a holiday playlist. "I'll Be Home for Christmas" gets a little more traditional, but still lands more in the dream pop category than a traditional jazz song from almost a century ago. It might not be a completely faithful cover, but that's the fun of Sara Noelle's holiday singles.

Sara Noelle says of her new single:

"This song feels like an almost Christmas detour, letting go of the year before, appreciating the sounds of December and trying to sink into that feeling of joy and hope amid some melancholy."

You can listen to "Winter's Glow" and "I'll Be Home for Christmas" below. The songs are available now via Bandcamp. For more on Sara Noelle, check out the artist's website.

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