Thursday, December 28, 2023

Twist & Writhe - "Good as It Used to Be"

Power pop is typically a clean sounding genre, and isn't normally noisy or grimy sounding. Apparently no one told that to Twist & Writhe. The Pennsylvania band just released a new single, "Good as It Used to Be," that's heavily power pop, but with a ton of grime and noise layered over it. It's kind of like 80's Cheap Trick mixed with the punkier side of The Replacements along with when Sonic Youth would release a cover of a pop song that you couldn't quite tell if they were being sincere or mocking. Twist & Writhe are taking a few different genres and just kind of manipulating them into the sound they want to hear.

Vocalist Arthur Nusser says of the new single:

“'As Good as it Used to Be' is a call to break the feeling of monotony, while acknowledging the repetition of that continued call."

You can listen to "Good as It Used to Be" below. All Things In Time is due out January 5. For more on Twist & Writhe, check out the band on Instagram and Facebook.

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