Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Jeff's Best of 2023 - #6: Kara Jackson - Why Does the Earth Give Us People to Love?

Another surprise listen for this year launches itself into my best-of list.

I missed this when it first came out in April, and on my initial listen in the fall, found it to be super compelling; unique in its presentation of folk-style storytelling, while also showcasing Jackson's distinctive voice. Still, I feel like I slept on it a bit. Every time I listened, I found something more to love, and something that kept me coming back for more.

What I love most about this album is how well Kara Jackson jumps between confession and humor, from stark and quiet to more lush and chaotic. "no fun/party" and "rat" couldn't be more different in many ways, but both are awesome. "dickhead blues" and "free" lamenting the state of one's love life in two very disparate approaches. The album is full of these little contradictions of sorts, and ends up being one of the more memorable listens of 2023.

Songs of Note: "no fun/party," "dickhead blues," "free," "rat"

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