Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Ken's Best of 2023 - #1: Caroline Rose - The Art of Forgetting

If 2023 is the year of artists reinventing themselves, my number one album has to be Caroline Rose's The Art of Forgetting. I've been a fan since their alt-country days of 2014's I Will Not Be Afraid, through the changes since. 

The Art of Forgetting is a concept album of sorts. It's about Rose processing the pandemic (their previous album, Superstar, was released March 6, 2020), along with losing their grandmother to dementia and a particularly rough break up. That makes this album not a particularly fun one. It's not a downer, per se, but it's not exactly filled with road trip ready party jams. But, The Art of Forgetting is art. This is an art pop album that sees Rose pushing their boundaries, and then pushing some more. Even a song that starts off relatively simply like "Miami" slowly veers off into a more experimental direction, and might be the showcase of the album.

When I saw Caroline Rose back in April, they commented that they felt they had made a classic, but people hadn't quite discovered it yet. The Art of Forgetting feels like a cult classic that hasn't found its audience yet. This one could very well end up being the type of album that takes time to find its correct audience and ends up slowly building and building a fanbase, much like Pinkerton and In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. 

Songs of note (even though it should be listened as a full album): "Miami," "Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain," "The Doldrums," "Tell Me What You Want"

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